Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills

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The butt-floss buny's busted, bro," said the alliteration-loving, sunbaked blond surfer". He was already in his black wet suit, lying on the sand and ogling the photo shoot thirty yards farther south on Malibu Beach on a late summer day that made Southern California's kahunas wonder why the rest of the world lived anywhere else. "They can't jam her, dude," his taller surfing partner said, hair darker blond and also streaked with highlights, as he squirmed into his own black wet suit. "The ordinance says no nude sunbathing. Well, she ain't sunbathing and she's wearing a gold eye patch over her cookie and a pair of Dr. Scholl's corn pads over her nibs. So she ain't technically unclothed, even though she is, like, hormonally speaking, as naked as Minnie the mermaid who haunts my dreams".

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